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Jotto Desk is pleased to announce the release of our NEW CC/CD Console for the 2012+ Dodge Charger. This console relocates the Climate Control cluster into the console and the OEM CD player has been relocated to allow for FULL FUNCTION of the OEM CD Player.

Part Numbers & List Pricing:
425-6175 ’12+ Dodge Charger CC/CD Console – List Price $398.00
425-6384 ’12+ Charger Accessory Adapter Plate – List Price $125.00
Quick Info Download: ’12+ Charger CC/CD Console Spec Sheet

2012+ Dodge Charger CC/CD Console

Engineered with the officer’s safety in mind, the new Jotto Desk 2012+ Dodge Charger CC/CD Console delivers increased hip/leg room as the sides of the console and the Accessory Adapter Plate have been tapered inward. We have designed a NEW Jotto Desk Computer Side Mount (425-5597) and the console has been built to accommodate this mount. The price of the 425-5597 is the same as the 425-5542 (used in other Charger consoles).

Jotto Desk’s 2012+ Dodge Charger CC/CD
Console (Shown with available Accessory
Adapter Plate (425-6384), Arm Rest (425-6260)
and ABS Cup Holder (425-3704).

The Accessory Adapter Plate has a four inch (4″) faceplate opening positioned with a slight slope for a shallow or remote head piece of equipment or a cup holder/storage box (425-3704). The OEM 12v outlets (2) and USB port are relocated into the accessory adapter plate. Additionally, a horizontal armrest (425-6260) can easily be mounted to the rear of the Accessory Adapter Plate.