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Are you able to install equipment into mixed fleets of vehicles?
Yes, we provide an installation service for all types of vehicles, even different ones in the same fleet.

Do all your employees have a valid security clearance?
All of our staff must submit to an annual Calgary Police Service background check as a condition of employment.

Do you install products that you don’t sell yourselves?
Yes, we are always able to install your preferred brand of equipment, even if you supply it.

Does the installation of brackets and mounts compromise a vehicle’s airbag safety?
No, brackets and mounts are positioned so that they don’t interfere with any vehicle safety features, such as seatbelts and airbags.

If I replace my vehicle, is the installed equipment transferable?
Yes, if required, we should be able to transfer almost everything to a new vehicle. Some items such as vehicle-specific bases or leg kits may need to be replaced.

What kind of training do your employees have?
Our lead technicians have MECP certification and EVT (Emergency Vehicle Technician) credentials. All installers must also participate in a progressive, ‘best practices’ training program prior to writing their MECP certification exam.

Will any installation of equipment void my vehicle’s factory warranties?
No, the warranties are still valid, depending on the nature of the equipment being installed. However, you should check with the manufacturer, just to be sure.