Digital Video Cameras

The Panasonic Arbitrator 360° is a rugged and durable mobile digital video system, that can be used with or without a Panasonic Toughbook laptop. The system is specifically engineered to perform in demanding environments such as in law enforcement vehicles, where they face extremely demanding situations on a daily basis. Built with legendary Toughbook reliability, this fully integrated system provides unparalleled video capture, storage and transfer. The Arbitrator 360° is designed to be compatible with back-end software, delivering seamless video management, including archival and retrieval operations.

The Arbitrator 360° has a full magnesium alloy case and the camera is temperature, vibration, dust and splash resistant. The rugged camera mount ensures stability, dissipates heat to prolong the life of your equipment and the system is very easy to install. The system uses infrared technology and has an approximately 70° wide angle field of view. Archive types are SD/SDHC cards, local/external HD, and DVD-R/CD-R. File transfer types are wireless and ethernet networks. The open system of the Arbitrator 360° software also ensures maximum compatibility and stability.

We provide and install camera systems from many other manufacturers such as L3-Mobile Vision, Zone Defense, WatchGuard, Panasonic and more.

Back-Up and Multi Camera Systems – Are a perfect addition to larger vehicles such as dump trucks, graders, prisoner transports and bus’s to name a few.  You can multiple cameras mounted on the vehicle to cover all you blind spots increasing public safety and yours.

Police Camera Systems – Are used to record events in and around an officers vehicle.  They are used to ensure the safety of the officer and people in transport.  Video from these systems are used as evidence and ensure the overall safety  of everyone.

Dash Cameras – They are a perfect addition to both fleet and personal vehicles.  They provide a high definition video of events in front of your vehicle.  Dual Camera versions with forward and reverse looking angles are available to show what the driver was doing during an event or accident.  They are ideal for all vehicles.

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