Custom Services

At Range Mobility, we’re committed to overcoming the onboard vehicle equipment challenges of our customers. We design, supply and install custom products that address unique vehicle requirements, from specialty mounting brackets to concealed computer stations, and have your fleet up and running as soon as possible. If you need to securely mount computers or other onboard equipment in your trucks and heavy equipment, our fully qualified installers can help.

Examples of Custom Installations:

  • Touch-pad mounts in heavy equipment
  • Bus and other large vehicle computer mounting solutions
  • Specialty workstations
  • Concealed electronics and computer equipment
  • Customized acrylic partitions
  • Computer cradles and docking stations
  • Adaptor plates for computer mounts
  • Pivoting light bars for law enforcement vehicles
  • Custom centre consoles for ambulances and medical vehicles

We can assist you in solving even the toughest mobile communication challenges. Whether you’re looking for a custom designed solution or just some straight advice, contact the experts at Range Mobility.