Mobile Computing Solutions

We sell off-the-shelf and custom-designed mobile mounting solutions, docking stations, and accessories for vehicles requiring on-board equipment, such as computers, digital tablets, and GPS systems. Our mounting systems are suitable for anyone, in any industry, who uses a laptop computer while in a vehicle, including the police, fire and emergency services.Gamber Johnson has the widest variety of docking stations and mounting products in the industry. The modular design of the mounting systems means that components can be easily mixed and matched to suit your requirements. Should your vehicle or computer requirements require adjustment after installation, the Gamber Johnson components can easily be reconfigured. All Gamber Johnson docks are also Panasonic Toughbook tested.

RAM Mounts are used to position small computers, data recorders, handheld PDA’s, GPS systems, cameras, cell phones and other lightweight devices where you need to use them in your vehicle, boat, plane or virtually anywhere. The RAM design includes a simple cam lever for easy adjustment, and has a ball and socket mechanism that allows for a variety of positioning