We understand that your fleet’s communication systems must be up and running 24/7 – no exceptions. We know that reliable connectivity is your life-blood and how much others depend on you. We realize that reliable power is essential in order for you to work from anywhere the job takes you.

We get it.

And we can make it happen.

Fleet Critical Solutions
  • In-vehicle mounting products
  • Computer docking stations
  • Integrated mobile office installations
  • Complete vehicle outfitting
  • Full LED lighting, winches, tool boxes
Fleet Critical Service
  • Specialty hardware design
  • Mobile equipment modifications
  • Maintenance and field service contracts

If mobile communications are critical to the successful operation of your fleet, you should be talking to us. We sell off the shelf and custom designed mobile mounting solutions, docking stations, and accessories for vehicles requiring onboard equipment, such as computers, digital tablets, and GPS systems.

Whether you’re looking to outfit an entirely new fleet of vehicles or are replacing existing equipment, our fully trained technicians can assess your requirements and install and service the equipment you need. Range Mobility offers an excellent selection of LED lighting products, prisoner partitions, digital in-car video systems, WARN winches, toolboxes, and just about anything else for your fleet vehicles.