GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking uses satellites to discern the precise location of a vehicle, person, mobile or stationary object. Using this technology, fleet and vehicle tracking GPS software can not only locate a vehicle, but also tell you its speed, check oil pressure and the status of onboard equipment. Similarly, AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locating) can assist you in managing fleets of vehicles. With regards to emergency services, this can be invaluable in calculating the closest vehicle to the scene of an accident, in order to minimize response time.

When combined with integrated software, GPS ensures 
employee safety, monitors the driving habits of your staff, helps you to determine the most efficient delivery routes and assists in organizing vehicle maintenance
 schedules. GPS software can notify you when a vehicle has arrived at it destination, but can also alert you regarding any unscheduled stops or travel beyond a designated geographic area. GPS keeps your company communication
 consistent, 24/7.

Range Mobility is a Partner with many manufacturers proving installs and sales for their systems.  Our largest partner is GoFleet. GoFleet is the largest dealer of the GeoTab tracking system that is known for its ease of use and plug and play install of most components.

GoFleet Features;

Powerful Vehicle Diagnostics – Your vehicle’s computer (ECM) is a powerful tool. By plugging directly into your ECM our GPS fleet management devices identify fuel usage, fuel ups, faults, engine temperature, odometer, PTO and much more.

Eliminate Risky Habits – Over 30% of fuel costs and 90% of crashes are influenced by driver behaviour- Your business reputation and bottom-line are vulnerable. GoFleet’s GPS Trackers significantly reduce risky driving habits.

Dispatch on the Fly – Streamline your business- View and manage drivers real-time. Dispatch messages, stops and routes directly to your drivers with GPS fleet management systems. Use a fleet enabled Garmin GPS as your in vehicle data terminal to get messages and system feedback.

Plug & Play Install – Installs easily and discretely. It’s durable, secure and entirely self-contained. Hard wiring has expensive after service costs, and could void your warranty.

Intelligent Integration’s – Make your business smarter & more productive by combining your existing systems with industry leading real-time GPS tracking systems/wireless monitoring.

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