Trunk and Storage Products from Havis

Havis offers the most expansive options for trunk and storage area equipment mounting. From existing popular designs, such as enhanced slide out trunk trays and trunk side mounts, to new and exciting products, such as Trunk Fold Downs and a Universal Storage Box, Havis has your needs covered.

Slide-out-TraysSlide Out Trays

Havis has enhanced the slide out trunk tray product family. Based on industry feedback, we have incorporated new and improved heavy-duty slides that not only provide additional strength, but also latch in the closed and open position. This latest design also allows for easy installation of electronic equipment with a new removable mounting tray.

These upgraded slide out trays are available for purchase immediately, and the older style will be discontinued at the end of August.

  Old Trunk Tray Design New Trunk Tray Design
Chevrolet Caprice C-TTB-CAPR-1 C-TTB-CAPR-2
Chevrolet Impala C-TTB-IMP-1 C-TTB-IMP-2
Dodge Charger C-TTB-CHGR-3 C-TTB-CHGR-4
Dodge Charger Double Decker C-TTB-CHGR-3-DD C-TTB-CHGR-4-DD
Ford Interceptor N/A C-TTB-INSE-1


Fold-down-trunk-trayTrunk Fold Down Trays

In an effort to solve the challenge of the trunk dimensions in newer vehicles, Havis is proud to announce an industry-first product called the Trunk Fold Down (Patent Pending).

These heavy-duty trays are designed to mount electronics and equipment securely and safely on a convenient hinged platform that easily folds up, keeping equipment protected and freeing up valuable trunk space. This product even allows unrestricted access to the spare tire.

Trunk-Side-MountsTrunk Side Mounts

Storage is at a premium in sedan trunks. The trunk side mounts allow safe mounting of important equipment by utilizing the space within the fender areas of the Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Impala and Ford Crown Victoria. The locking latch ensures equipment and data security.

universal-storage-boxesUniversal Storage Box for Utility Vehicles

For the utility vehicle owners, Havis offers a new product – the Universal Storage Box. While it is a rectangular box that is interchangeable between vehicles, it has many similarities to the Trunk Fold Downs by providing a safe and secure mounting location for mission-critical devices.

Start looking at your options for trunk and storage area equipment mounting today. Please contact us for pricing and any questions you might have!